• Netcell Series 5000 Nasal Pack
  • No need to rehydrate before removal.

    This nasal packing is the most effective, user-friendly nasal packing with the benefits of single hydration.

    Patient pain and discomfort is radically reduced.

    Double compressed for easy insertion, the outer covering will accept water based or oil based medication, to the surgeons preference.
  • Nasofix Splint
  • The Nasofix splint is used as an external nasal splint for uniform compression of the nose after rhinoplasty and reconstructive nasal surgery.


    Cosmetically pleasing.

    The thermoplastic material with its foamed surface and thermo features requires only short softening and cooling time.
  • Nasal Vent Splint
  • This splint facilitates nasal breathing through an integral airway.


    Anatomically shaped in a smooth design.
    Made of a soft medical grade silicone for patient’s comfort.
    Stability and reduced risk of incrustation due to the round airway tube.
  • Vari Tube
  • Features :

    High quality strong thin-walled rust-free steel
    Smooth Atraumatic Tip
    Handles are of ergonomic design
    Sterile Disposable

    Benefits :

    Larger lumen for efficient suctioning
    Does not cause injury or bleeding
    Fits comfortably in hand and balance correctly
    Prevents Infection and Cross-Contamination
  • Nasal Splint
  • The nasal splints are used for supporting the nasal septum following septoplasty and rhinoplasty.

    Nasal Splint

    The Nasal Splints are available in two different thicknesses and three versions.


    Designed with a slit for smoother insertion and removal.
    Prepunched holes for suture fixation.
    Easily trimmed for optimal fit.
  • Septal Button
  • The Septal Button is used as an artificial closure of a nasal septum perforation caused by etching, accident/trauma, corticosteroids or drug abuse. The button reduces crusting and other symptoms of septum perforations. It can easily be trimmed to the designated size with a pair of scissors and can remain in place for a long time.
  • Silatos Silicon Sheet
  • The silicon sheet is designed to fit a variety of medical applications and is available in several thicknesses. It is made of a medical grade, flexible and translucent silicone elastomer material that is easy to cut into any size and shape. The sheeting will not change its physical properties when autoclaved.

    Common Applications:

    Dressing of the ear canal after all kinds of middle ear surgery.
    Different applications in rhinoplastic surgery.
    Skin covering and treatment of cicatrices.
    Various laboratory uses
  • Epistaxis Catheter
  • Independently Inflatable Balloons.
    Proximal 10 cc for Posterior or Nasopharynx.
    Distal 30 cc for Anterior Nasal Cavity.
    Indicated for Uncontrollable Profuse Epistaxis in which the regular nasal packs are not successful.
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