• Provox Vega Puncture Set

    A new set for performing TE puncture and surgical placement of the Provox Vega voice prosthesis.

    Features & benefits

    All-in-one surgical puncture and placement
    No additional instruments are normally required*
    Pre-loaded with a Provox Vega voice prosthesis
    Less force and less time needed, for the majority*
    Provided sterile
    Minimum preparation and assembly
    For primary and secondary TEP
  • (Provox Vega SmartInserter - Anterograde Insertion)
  • (Provox Vega SmartInserter - Reload)
  • (Provox Vega Puncture Set - Introduction)
  • (Provox Vega XtraSeal - Overshoot)
  • (Provox Vega XtraSeal - Reload)

  • (Provox India HandsFree Speech - 1)
  • (Provox India HandsFree Speech - 2)
  • (Provox India HandsFree Speech - 3)
  • (Provox India FreeHands Speech - 1)
  • (Provox India FreeHands Speech - 2)

  • Provox Vega voice prosthesis with SmartInserter

    In 1990, the first Provox voice prosthesis was introduced, followed by the second generation, Provox2, in 1997. Provox has made a global impact. Now we proudly present the third generation - Provox Vega voice prosthesis with SmartInserter.

    Provox Vega - the standard has been raised

    Easy airflow

    All three diameters* of the Provox Vega protheses have been designed to maximize airflow to help reduce speaking effort.
    The inner diameter has been maximized to reduce airflow resistance during speech.
    The angled valve is designed for easier opening when speaking.
    The angled valve is designed to help in on-going speech by reducing resistance, making speech less effortful.
    The valve is recessed and totally encased by the prosthesis hood minimizing direct exposure of the valve to the esophagus.

    Easy cleaning & maintenance

    Advanced design components of the voice prosthesis and cleaning accessories.
    A 360° hood protects the valve flap.

    Easy choice

    The oval shaped tracheal flange is less likely to rotate.
    A smooth nonirritating edge is made possible by integration of the safety strap on the face of the tracheal flange.
    With three (3) diameters in six lengths each, there’s a Provox Vega right for just about everyone!

    Innovative hygienic placement and replacement
    The SmartInserter™** provides a whole new way of placing the Provox Vega. Innovative design with significant improvements.

    The Provox Vega voice prosthesis comes preloaded in the SmartInserter - no assembling needed.
    Designed to prevent unintentional overshooting.
    Transparent and long tube for good visibility.
    Tip optimized for reduced risk of undershooting.
  • Provox LaryTube
  • Provox LaryTube is a very popular, soft laryngectomy tube. A key feature that distinguishes the Provox LaryTube from traditional laryngectomy tubes is that it can hold a Provox HME Cassette  and/or Provox ShowerAid. It is available in three versions and can be used with or without voice prosthesis.


  • Benefits:

    . Allows for immediate post-operative use of an HME.

  • . No adhesive required which means that you can use the LaryTube even with sensitive skin or during the radiotherapy period.

    . Helps laryngectomees with an unstable or deep stoma to achieve pulmonary protection and rehabilitation.

. Maintains an open stoma in patients with shrinking stomas.

  • Provox LaryButton
  • The Provox LaryButton is a soft, self-retaining silicone stoma button. It maintains an open tracheostoma and is intended to be worn in combination with a Provox HME cassette or Provox FreeHands HME.


    The conical shape facilitates a secure fit.
    Constructed from soft silicone material and atraumatically shaped to reduce negative side-effects such as stoma irritation and bleeding.
  • TruTone ElectroLarynx
  • Express Yourself--Clearly and Easily!

    The TruTone™ speech aid is an electronic speech aid, also known as an artificial larynx or electrolarynx.

    See the electrolarynx comparisons here!

    The TruTone™ Electrolarynx is the only electronic speech aidwith tone control in a single button. It has the widest tonal range available in an electrolarynx -- bar none! It has the best sound quality available in a neck type artificial larynx.


    Uses convenient 9 Volt Batteries-- this is critical for emergency situations
    Smallest 9 volt speech aid available. Light weight--only 4.5 ounces
    Unmatched Durability and Reliability ***
    Made in the USA
  • The Provox® voice prosthesis (“Provox® 1”)
  • The original Provox voice prosthesis was released in 1990 to provide an advanced indwelling prosthesis with low airflow resistance and extended device lifetime for tracheoesophageal voice restoration. The voice prosthesis is supplied with a Provox® Guidewire for retrograde insertion.
  • Provox2 Voice Prosthesis
  • The second-generation Provox prosthesis (Provox2) was introduced in 1997. Provox2 is a low-resistance, indwelling silicone voice prosthesis that can be inserted:

    . Immediately after primary or secondary TE puncture, without the need for temporary stenting. This retrograde insertion is to be performed by a physician using the Provox® Guidewire.

    . As a replacement prosthesis for the Provox (1) or other voice prostheses.

    . In an anterograde manner using the single-use insertion tool. This preferred method can be performed by trained health care professional.
  • Provox NID Voice Prosthesis
  • The Provox NID is a non-indwelling voice prosthesis, designed to be inserted, removed and cleaned by the patients themselves. Each prosthesis comes with a non-sterile, reusable NID Inserter.


    . The Provox NID has a strong polypropylene string with a safety medallion attached to it which prevents the prosthesis from entering the airways
    . In-situ cleaning possible with dedicated cleaning tools
    . Optimized for minimum airflow resistance
    . Variety of sizes

    A full range of accessories is available for the care and maintenance of the Provox NID. These accessories include:

    . the Provox Dilator for dilation of the puncture prior to insertion;
    . the Provox Brush and Provox Flush for daily cleaning;
    . the Provox NID Storage Box for convenient storage.
  • Provox ActiValve Voice Prosthesis
  • Provox ActiValve is designed for those who experience short prosthesis lifetime (less than 4 – 8 weeks) caused by early leakage through the prosthesis or negative pressure in the pharynx/esophagus during swallowing or inhalation. The valve and valve-seat of the Provox ActiValve contain magnets that prevent inadvertent opening.


    . Reduces the need for frequent replacements in a majority of users who experience short device lifetime.
    . Available in three opening forces: Light, Strong and XtraStrong.
  • Provox Brush
  • The Provox Brush is made for cleaning the inside of the Provox voice prosthesis without removing it from the TE-fistula.
  • Provox Flush
  • Provox Flush is a cleaning device that allows flushing fresh water (under slight pressure) or air through the lumen of the prosthesis, thereby helping to clean the prosthesis.
  • Provox Plug
  • The Provox Plug is a first-aid tool for temporarily stopping leakage through the prosthesis.
  • Provox XtraFlange
  • Provox Silicon Ring Washer, is intended to reduce periprosthetic leakage in patients using indwelling Provox voice prostheses.
  • Provox ShowerAid
  • The Provox ShowerAid is used with Provox Adhesive (FlexiDerm or Regular, not OptiDerm).
  • Provox Dilator
  • For upsizing the diameter of the TE puncture by stepwise dilation
  • Provox Measure
  • Used to measure the length (corresponding to prosthesis size) of the TE puncture.
  • Provox TubeBrush
  • The Provox TubeBrush is made for cleaning the inside of the Provox LaryTube or LaryButton.
  • Provox TubeHolder
  • Provox TubeHolder has integrated clip connectors that allow for optimal fit to the wings of the Provox LaryTube and LaryButton.

    The hooks on the LaryClip and TubeHolder are designed to distribute force and avoid wear and damage to the wings of the LaryTube and LaryButton.
  • Provox FreeHands HME
  • The Provox Freehands HME combines an HME with an easy- to-operate automatic tracheostoma valve that lets you speak without having to manually close the stoma. It has an automatic, reusable Multi-Magnet and Multi-Valve System that helps keep the speech valve closed while you are speaking. Whenever you cough, the cough-relief valve opens and closes automatically.

    An HME is most effective when worn day and night. It usually takes some weeks until the pulmonary symptoms improve. During the first weeks of use, the patient may experience increased mucus production.
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